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How to Get YouTube Thumbnail From Video ID?

How to Get YouTube Thumbnail From Video ID?

Method I: Getting a YouTube thumbnail from a Video ID is simple, and you can do it using the YouTube Data API. First, you'll need to get an API key from the Google Cloud Console. Once you have the key, construct an API request URL by replacing 'YOUR_VIDEO_ID' with the actual Video ID and 'YOUR_API_KEY' with the obtained API key. Make an HTTP GET request to the constructed URL using a programming language of your choice, and the API will respond with a JSON object containing information about the video, including thumbnail URLs. Extract the desired thumbnail URL from the JSON response and use it to download the thumbnail image. This process allows you to easily access YouTube thumbnails for your specific Video ID, making it handy for various applications and projects. Remember to handle API keys securely and comply with YouTube's terms of service.

Method II: Here are two methods shared to get Youtube Video Thumbnail

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