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How to Block and Bypass Youtube Ads 2023 2024

Blocking YouTube ads using a Chrome extension is a common practice among users who prefer uninterrupted video streaming. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

1. Install an Ad-blocking Extension: There are several Chrome extensions available that can block YouTube ads. While we have published an easy to use chrome extension that not only skip video ads smoothly but sponsored ads on it.

Here how you can Install it: Adblocker for Youtube - Skip Ads Chrome Extension, Supported in Microsoft Edge Browser.

how to block youtube ads 2024
Once install it does not need to be Enabled

2. Test: After installation, visit YouTube and play a video to see if the ads are blocked.

block youtube ads

No configuration required, auto-pilot ads blocking for YouTube videos and ads.

Remember that youtube ads blocked extension works smoothly, they may not catch all of them, and some websites may detect and prevent the use of ad blockers. Additionally, blocking ads deprives content creators of revenue, so consider supporting your favorite creators through other means if you enjoy their content.

There are some popular adblockers also available in the extension stores such as tempermonkey and youtube revanced.

Keep in mind that blocking ads may violate YouTube's terms of service, so always support content creators, because they spend time to create useful content for users.

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